Study in Canada & US

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
(Nelson Mandela)
The education quality is one of the significant factors in attracting talented students, both international and domestic ones, to their shores.

Canadian universities are among the top-ranked universities of the world. This is why many people from the entire world tend to study in Canada. In this page we are going to provide you with useful information on how to “study in Canada”.

Why Canada?

Canada ranks third among its global peers and scores a “B” grade on the Education and Skills report card.
Canada’s strength is in delivering a high-quality education to people between the ages of 5 and 19 in core areas of reading, math, and science.Canada has the highest rate of college attainment and the second-highest rate of high-school achievement among its international peers.
Canadian college and university diplomas are recognized around the world. The Canadian educational system encourages cross-disciplinary studies and the development of transferable skills (e.g., critical thinking, teamwork, and communications) and uses cutting-edge technology and digital media. Canada’s high academic standards and rigorous modality control influence the quality of educalion provided in Canada, which will be concluded to the successful future in students’ career opportunities.
It should be mentioned while a Canadian degree, certificate, or diploma is globally recognized, there is less education cost such as tuition for studying in Canada than other major countries. Also, there are great funding opportunities include scholarships, grants, funds, and bursaries for both international and domestic students available in Canada based on the situation and eligibility of each student. For instance, since research is one of the critical components of a Canadian post-secondary education, talents who have been accepted in this level of education are receiving suitable funding related to their educational level supported by the government and industry to navigate their research and become a part of the aspect of education. Also, Canada’s post-secondary campuses are not only wired with the latest in sophisticated technology but also offer countless other modern amenities for students to enjoy.
The final major benefit of studying in Canada is the lower costs of living at all levels, from schooling to universities and the possibility of immigration to Canada after graduation that is attractive for alumni. People with credentials and work experience may apply for permanent residency without leaving Canada. The Educational Processor of CansultHub is a service which makes a credible and realistic assessment your qualifications and provides you with guidance or your next step in continuing your education in Canada.

CansultHub Educational Processor packages

Pack One: Review & Assessment, Analysis and Training

The goal of designing this package which is the initial one of the educational processors was helping clients who are willing to study in Canada in different levels of education from elementary to Ph.D. to have an accurate plan and be trained on “how to apply in getting school’s approval and how to submit a complete study permit application”.

The outputs of this package are: 

Pack two: Execution

This is the package that was created to assist clients in executing the plan
designed in the pack 1 which is our routine service package. we will help in each step of the plan to prepare the primarily required documents, improve your English level to achieve the score you need, build the fundamental materials of the schools’ applications such as Essay/Writing sample, Cover/ Intent Letter, and Resume/ CV. Manage your communications with related supervisors, and assist you in filling the applications. After getting the conditional offer or admission your immigration lawyer helps you to have your study permit application ready to submit which he will do on behalf of you. This package gives you admission plus a submitted study permit application and when it is approved you can come to Canada and obtain your educational goals.

Pack Three: Reapply

This is the package dedicated to clients who were not able to receive admission from their desired educational institutions or the ones their study permits have been refused.
The service provided in this package is reviewing the refusal letter received from the educational institution completely to find out the reasons for the rejection, apply for Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) letter when the study permit has been refused as well.
The output of this package is submitting new applications in which the previous problems have been solved or the concerns of the officer answered at this time.

Pack Four: Application for Leave and Judicial Review

When the study permit is refused several times then it is time for applying for leave and judicial review at the court which is the service this package is providing to the clients.
There are no formal processes or rights to appeal within IRCC. The only option would be to re-apply for judicial review.
A judicial review can be filed if due process was not followed by IRCC; that is, the visa officer did not assess the application properly despite being presented with a detailed and through application that highlighted all the necessary facts. To be granted leave via judicial review, one must prove that IRCC did not perform their job properly. It should be mentioned that judicial review will not be successful if the original application did not present a strong case for approval.

Canada Student visa process

Different Levels of Educations in Canada

What is DLI?

DLI or Designated Learning Institution is a school that admits foreign national students. There are nearly 1500 DLIs in Canada. We should also say that to get Canada study permit visa you are going to get an acceptance letter from one of designated learning institutions in Canada. The good news is that CansultHub is the official agent of reliable DLIs in Canada

Requirements for Study permit application

To be eligible to come to Canada for studying, you are going to need student visa. in this part we have prepared a checklist of requirements for getting your visa

canadian universities tuitions ranges

For Local & International students

Degree Level Average Per Year (In CAD )
Undergrad (Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor)
7,300 $ - 29,000 $ (Without Financial Aids)
Postgrad (Certificate, Diploma, Master)
2,150 $ - 52,000 $ (Without Financial Aids)
Postgrad (Doctral, Ph.D.)
2,500$ - 17,000 $ (Without Financial Aids)

The advantages of studying in Canada

(For families)

Another advantage of studying in Canada for international students is that they are welcome to include their spouse and their children who are under 18 in their study permit file. If the spouse of an international student is accepted to accompany him/her, then his spouse will be eligible to apply for “spousal open work permit”. This work permit allows the spouse to work full-time for any employer in Canada as their partner is study permit.

Canada Study Permit FAQs

First of all, we should say that education is free in Canada if you are citizen, permanent resident or an international student under coverage of your study/work permit of your parents. Also, Canada provides multiple financial aids options for university/college educations that can give you the opportunity of studying free in Canada with some circumstances.

It depends on the policy of the university/college that you are admitted in.

To be the permanent resident of Canada after your education, you need to work at least one year with your PGWP in a position related to your education.

Before you change your school or program, you must meet all the conditions of your study permit. This means you must be:

Enrolled at a designated learning institution (DLI) and,

Actively studying while you’re in Canada.

 You may be able to stay in Canada if you are eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit.

CansultHub International Student Program

As one of the best immigration firms in Canada, CansultHub can take A to Z steps of studying in Canada for you. We will provide you with useful consultation to find your way for studying in Canada. We will also assess your situation to see if you are eligible for studyin in Canada. Also CansultHub’s expert Canadian lawyers will build a strong documentation for your case to reduce the risk of refusal to almost zero. 

Check Your Eligibility for Canada Study Permit