Permanent Residency Travel Document (PRTD)

If you’re outside Canada and don’t have a valid PR card, you need to apply a permanent resident travel document (PRTD) for returning to Canada. We know, how stressful can be this process, but don’t worry, we provide all the information for you to apply for PRTD by yourself or do it by CansultHub experts in few hours. We are ready to assess your information shortly and submit your application by our lawyers.   


You can apply for a permanent resident travel document if you:

are a Canada permanent resident,

do not have a valid PR card showing your PR status,

are outside Canada

How can I apply for Permanent Residency Travel Document?

“Starting April 1, 2022, applicants are required to submit applications for permanent resident travel documents (PRTD) to IRCC by email. PRTD applications will no longer be submitted via the VACs.”

To submit an application for a permanent resident travel document by email:

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