Permanent Resident (PR) card Renewal

If your Permanent Resident card is expired or need replace it, don’t worry, CansultHub is with you all over of this easy process. After the consultation session, you will decide to do it yourself or do it on be half of our lawyers.

Who Can Apply for Renewal or Replace PR Card?

What Criteria You Should Meet to be Eligible for PR Card

Applicant must be a Canada permanent resident
Applicant should not be a Canada citizen or convicted of a crime and are under a removal order

PR Card Renewal Application

You as applicant need to prepare some documents and forms to apply for PR card such as:

completed Application for a PR card renewal(IMM5644E)

meet a document checklist(IMM 5644 E : Document Checklist – Application for a Permanent Resident Card or Permanent Resident Travel Document (

Scan files of your identification documents

Scan file of payment receipt

For some applicants PR Card renewal can be apply on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds that there are some exceptions for residency requirements.

PR Card Renewal Processing Time

The standard time for PR card renewal is 45 business day but because of new emergency situation for Ukraine and Afghanistan, the processing time can be longer than usual.