complementary services

These days, businesses are facing significant challenges that threaten their core services. The need for reform is great in various industries. Business Process Re-engineering can provide businesses with dramatic productivity improvements. We leverage our in-depth understanding of our client’s business processes and techniques to analyze them and offer the best local or global plan to achieve their goals. This part of our services assists our customers in the following areas:

What CansultHub Can Do for you

Writing or development business/marketing plan

Market Survey

Creating playbook

Designing and launching prototype MVP

Team Expansion

Team Training (employee training)

Sales and After-Sales services plan for their products.

Sometimes you as a fresh or experienced business owner need to have a specific sales plan to have better and unique acts in the market, so you need some experts to formulize your sales system. Also, equally a professional business owner should think about after-sales services for their customers to keep and convince them for long time relationship.

Export, Global Marketing, Distribution, and Sales of products

Grow your business beyond B.C. through our amazing plan. It is not a dream to be present in the international market. We facilitate your way to find your true place in other countries. If you need a global marketing and need to have a clear plan to join the best distribution channels outside Canada, CansultHub experts do A to Z for you.

Setting up, equipping, and running their franchise, subsidiary, sister company or commercial offices.

One of the most important ways to expand your business and create your name brand very fast is finding new partners. Your partner can be a new branch of your business or other local or global entity to join with. Our experts can help your business expansion through doing legal process for franchise, setting up your new branch in any location over globe, equipping your new branches, and finding the best options for partnership.

Financial planning for business development or market entry and brand establishment.

Get personalized financial strategies that will assist you towards your goals. We are connected to a hub of trusted Canadian and international financial institutions, so that you can work with the best-fit experts and supporters. CansultHub experts have your back with personalized solutions and strategies to develop your business, enter to the new markets and establish or expand your brand.

Consulting and apply for required licenses and permissions

For a risk-free acting in local or international markets, you need to obtain required licenses and permissions. CansultHub experts are honest and work in your best interest to know exactly what you need for your business and brand to be secure all over the process. Although this process seems complicated, our experts provided various roadmaps and ready to do A to Z for you in any fields of business.

All you need to know from market

For a successful presence in potential or new markets, you need to know everything about that market such as: competitors, market size, market forecast, market drivers & limiters, available opportunities, product/market capacity and etc. This service gives you a professional overview and vision about your target market to compete intellectual and settle in the market smoothly.

Team expansion

In some points, you need to setup or expand your team by acquiring talents and experts either from inside or outside of Canada. Our team can provide you the prepared team based on your requirement and conditions for hiring. If you want to setup your team by foreign workers then we will handle the process of LMIA for your company and work permit for your team with our top-ranked legal hub.

When customers use this service, they contact us via secure email and receive a questionnaire about their activities to provide us with detailed information about their business process and requirements. Our team will respond with an initial plan within 3-5 business days. In the second step, a business proposal with the power of SWOT and PEST analysis will be prepared. Finally, in the last phase, our team will assist in the execution of the designed plan.